Just a Moment News - 2024-06-14


Hello, everyone! Welcome to ‘Just a Moment News.’ I’m Erika, and today, June 14, 2024, we have several intriguing news stories to discuss.

First up, Conor McGregor, a prominent figure in UFC, has been ruled out of UFC 303 due to an injury. Dana White, the UFC president, announced this setback which also led to the cancellation of McGregor’s press conference with Michael Chandler in Dublin. Despite this, the UFC has restructured the main event to feature a title fight between light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira and Jiri Prochazka. McGregor’s injury isn’t expected to keep him sidelined for long, with potential rebooking as early as August, though venue availability remains a challenge.

Moving on, Tesla’s shareholders have made a significant decision to reapprove Elon Musk’s multibillion-dollar pay package during their annual meeting in Austin, Texas. This comes despite a court ruling that rejected the plan due to flawed approval processes and inadequate disclosure. With the reapproval, the company also decided to move Tesla’s legal home from Delaware to Texas, aligning with its headquarters and key factory location.

In the streaming world, Showmax, a service owned by the MultiChoice Group, reported trading losses of two billion six hundred million Rand for the year ending March 31, 2024. This follows its revamp and relaunch as Showmax 2.0. Despite these losses, which were less than expected, Showmax saw a twenty-two percent revenue growth and has plans for further expansion in the coming year.

On a related note, MultiChoice has also announced the cancellation of the rollout of DStv Glass, a 4K stream TV project, amid economic strains and cost-cutting measures. The company will instead focus on integrating some of the planned features into a more affordable next-generation DStv Stream platform.

In regulatory news, the South African Revenue Service has updated its policies on personal goods imports. They’ve increased the maximum value for these imports to one hundred and fifty thousand Rand per year and removed the previous limit of three transactions per year. This change aims to simplify the process for local shoppers using international platforms like Amazon.

WhatsApp is stepping up its game in the video calling arena with several upgrades that make it more comparable to Zoom. These include a speaker spotlight feature, improved screen sharing with audio, and support for up to thirty-two participants.

Luma AI has introduced the Dream Machine, an advanced text-to-video AI tool that allows users to create realistic video clips from text prompts within minutes. This tool is designed to revolutionize video content creation by making it rapid and accessible.

Lastly, archaeologists in Spain have made a fascinating discovery—an ancient rock slab inscribed with an alphabet from around 600 B.C., linked to the Paleo-Hispanic civilization of Tartessos. This find offers significant insights into this ancient society, often considered “lost” due to the scarcity of remnants.

That’s all for today’s news round-up. Thank you for tuning into ‘Just a Moment News.’ I’m Erika, and I’ll be back with more news and insights on another day. Stay informed and take care!

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