Just a Moment News - 2024-05-28


Hello, everyone! This is Erika from ‘Just a Moment News,’ bringing you some of today’s intriguing headlines on May 28, 2024. Let’s dive right into the details of each story.

First up, we have the South African retailer, Pick n Pay, which is undergoing a significant restructuring after reporting a loss of three point one nine billion Rand for the year ending February 25, 2024. The company’s gross profit has declined by three point one percent, with trading expenses up nearly twelve percent, largely due to higher debt provisions and employee restructuring costs. Despite these challenges, Pick n Pay’s discount division, Boxer, and its clothing segment both reported sales growth of over seventeen percent. To address its financial issues, Pick n Pay is launching a four billion Rand rights offer and plans to list Boxer separately on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, aiming to raise between six billion and eight billion Rand. The company’s strategy includes closing underperforming stores and converting some into franchises or Boxer outlets, aiming for profitability by 2027.

Moving on, Discovery Bank has entered the one point two trillion Rand South African home loan market with a new offering. The bank’s CEO, Hylton Kallner, highlighted the fully digitized process and personalized rates based on individual risk profiles. Discovery Bank’s model could potentially save South Africans up to twelve point two billion Rand annually in interest payments. The bank has partnered with South African Home Loans for the back-end administration of these loans.

In the food industry, Tiger Brands, South Africa’s largest food producer, plans to cut its product variants and pack sizes by up to twenty percent over the next three years. This move, affecting around three thousand SKUs, aims to improve efficiencies and focus on high-performing products. The company is also planning to exit non-core products and has been restructuring its leadership to better focus on market-leading brands.

There’s a significant development in the distribution of Apple products in South Africa. Asbis is set to become the country’s second official Apple distributor, ending Core Group’s two-decade monopoly. Despite this change, Core Group does not anticipate a significant impact on Apple product prices, attributing pricing to factors like regional pricing, exchange rates, and import duties. Asbis promises efficient delivery across the continent from its expanded Johannesburg distribution center.

In the realm of artificial intelligence, a study from the University of Chicago has shown that OpenAI’s GPT-4 outperforms human analysts in predicting future earnings from financial statements. GPT-4 achieved a prediction accuracy of sixty point three five percent, higher than the fifty-two point seven one percent accuracy of human analysts. This study utilized anonymized data and employed a “Chain of Thought” reasoning approach, similar to human analytical steps.

Lastly, a study published in the journal Science has revealed that crows can count out loud using vocalizations, a capability previously thought to be unique to humans. This discovery, made by neurobiologist Diana Liao and her team, shows that crows can produce vocalizations corresponding to numerical values, challenging our understanding of animal cognition.

That wraps up our discussion for today on ‘Just a Moment News.’ I hope you found these stories as fascinating as I did. This is Erika, signing off. Have a great day and stay informed!

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