Just a Moment News - 2024-05-23


Hello and welcome to “Just a Moment News,” I’m your host, Erika, bringing you today’s news stories on this 23rd of May, 2024. Let’s dive into our discussions for today.

First up, we’re talking about Pick n Pay and their impressive online sales figures. The company has reported a significant seventy-four point four percent growth in online sales for the fiscal year ending February 25, 2024. This surge is largely attributed to enhancements on their Pick n Pay asap! platform and a collaboration with Mr D, which allows customers to order groceries for delivery within an hour. Despite this online success, it’s interesting to note that Pick n Pay’s overall sales growth was somewhat stagnant, with a slight decline of zero point two percent in their stores. However, their Boxer business did report a robust seventeen point five percent sales growth.

Moving on, Woolworths has launched WConnect, a new section of their online store dedicated to tech devices and accessories. This includes products from major brands like Apple and Samsung, and the store is accessible via the Woolworths website and smartphone apps. They’re currently running promotions with discounts on certain tech products, and all smartphone purchases come with a free SIM card.

Next, we have Spur Steak Ranches, which is refreshing its brand to better meet evolving customer needs. With revamped locations in Cape Town, the new concept includes a more contemporary logo and updates like a premium wine cellar at the Golden Spur in Rondebosch. It’s all about enhancing the dining experience while keeping the family-friendly vibe that Spur is known for.

In sports news, former Springbok Ashwin Willemse is making a return to television, six years after his dramatic walkout from the SuperSport studio. He will co-host a new show on Openview eExtra, which aims to bring fresh perspectives to rugby analysis.

In tech news, WhatsApp has been warned of a vulnerability that allows governments to see who users are messaging, despite encryption. This vulnerability involves “traffic analysis,” which could potentially expose user communication patterns and even locations.

Truecaller, in partnership with Microsoft, is introducing a feature that allows users to create AI versions of their voices to answer calls. This feature, which enhances user familiarity and comfort, is a fascinating use of AI in everyday technology.

In entertainment, as the Emmy nominations approach, there’s a shift in the drama series category with new entries like FX’s “Shōgun” and Amazon’s “Fallout” stirring up the competition. Meanwhile, Disney+ is pushing hard in the documentary category with entries like “The Beach Boys” and “Jim Henson Idea Man.”

Lastly, a study on whale communication suggests that while their songs have features similar to human language, it doesn’t necessarily mean whales are ‘speaking’ as we understand it. The research delves into the complexity of whale communication, exploring its structure and potential meanings.

That wraps up our discussions for today on “Just a Moment News.” I’m Erika, and I hope you found our exploration of today’s headlines enlightening. Join us again for more insights and discussions. Have a great day!

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