Just a Moment News - 2024-05-22


Hello, and welcome to Just a Moment News. I’m Erika, and today, May 22, 2024, we’re diving into some of the latest news stories. Let’s get started.

First up, we’re looking at consumer behavior in South Africa. Amid rising costs and economic pressures, South African consumers are making fewer shopping trips, now averaging four per month, and spending around five hundred and forty-two Rand per trip. The focus is primarily on essential items like ambient foods, soft drinks, and frozen meat, while expenditure on tech and durables remains minimal. Interestingly, despite these economic challenges, sales of coffee machines have grown significantly, showing a 16.1% increase year-on-year. It seems even higher-income consumers are opting for less expensive devices, particularly Chinese brands, which saw a 93.6% increase in smartphone unit sales. There’s also been a notable decline in discretionary spending on dining out and entertainment.

Moving on, South Africa’s healthcare sector is experiencing some turbulence following the introduction of the National Health Insurance Bill. President Cyril Ramaphosa signed this bill into law on May 15, 2024, aiming to introduce universal healthcare. However, this move has sparked concerns among healthcare professionals, with a reported 50% increase in interest from South African healthcare workers wanting to move to Canada. The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada recognizes South African medical education, which facilitates easier transitions for these professionals.

In the IT sector, there’s some concerning news for jobseekers. Hiring activity in this sector dropped by fifteen percent in the first quarter of 2024 compared to the last quarter of 2023. Despite high demand for IT professionals, the sector has seen a consistent decline in hiring over the past two years, particularly affecting software developers.

In sports news, former Bishops Diocesan College student and professional rugby player Bingô Ivanisevic is being sued for six hundred and forty-five thousand Rand over an incident during a water polo match with Rondebosch Boys High School. The case continues with testimonies from two Bishops teachers.

In Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson has made headlines by threatening to sue OpenAI for allegedly imitating her voice without consent. This incident highlights broader issues of AI firms using copyrighted works and personal data without permission, raising concerns about the protection of creators’ rights.

Back in South Africa, a marketing campaign by the tech startup Namola has been revealed as the source behind mysterious “Don’t Panic” signs that appeared in prominent locations. The campaign aimed to promote their safety app, engaging the public with humor and intrigue.

In the tech startup world, Humane is looking for a buyer for its business, valued between seven hundred fifty million and one billion dollars. This follows the underwhelming debut of their AI Pin wearable computer, which has been criticized for its slow responses and poor user experience.

Lastly, at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, a South African display has been awarded a gold medal. This display, a collaboration between Cape Flora SA and the Western Cape government, highlights the diversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

That’s all for today’s episode of Just a Moment News. I’m Erika, and we hope you found these insights interesting. Tune in next time for more updates. Thank you for listening!

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