Just a Moment News - 2024-04-21


Hello everyone, this is Erika from ‘Just a Moment News’, bringing you the top stories of the day, this 21st of April, 2024. Let’s dive right in.

In our first story, boxing sensation Ryan Garcia defied the odds in his recent match against Devin Haney. Despite being the underdog, Garcia managed a majority decision win, with final scorecards reading one hundred fifteen to one hundred nine, one hundred fourteen to one hundred ten, and one hundred twelve to one hundred twelve. He even scored three knockdowns, a first in Haney’s career. The victory was a testament to Garcia’s tactical prowess and resilience, and it seems a rematch might be on the cards, given that Garcia missed weight by three pounds, technically keeping Haney as the champion.

Over in South Africa, a non-profit organization called The Big Issue has managed to narrowly escape a financial crisis after a cyberattack that cost them six hundred thousand Rand. The scam involved a fraudster posing as the magazine’s printer and diverting funds. Despite the setback, with substantial donations, the organization is now stabilizing and continues to support over one hundred vendors in Cape Town, providing them with income and skills development opportunities.

In the world of golf, Ernie Els, known as ‘The Big Easy’, has teamed up with IFA Hotels & Resorts to bring his branded establishments to the Zimbali Lakes development in South Africa. This ten billion Rand project is set to include a championship golf course, a golfing academy, and additional facilities like Ernie Els Suites and The Big Easy Bar & Grill. This venture is expected to draw significant international attention and investment, boosting golf tourism in the region.

Moving on to automotive news, the new Jaecoo J7, a premium SUV by Chery’s high-end sub-brand, has landed on South African soil. Despite the ongoing economic downturn, the Jaecoo J7, with its aggressive pricing and advanced features, aims to establish Chinese vehicles as a competitive and desirable choice in the South African market.

In the entertainment industry, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is exploring the use of artificial intelligence to create digital doubles of artists. This initiative allows artists to retain ownership and control over their digital likenesses, addressing key concerns about copyright and unauthorized image use.

In a heartwarming story from Johannesburg, we meet Bennie Botes, a seasoned barber and rugby enthusiast, who has been snipping the hair of players and fans for nearly five decades. His barbershop, filled with rugby memorabilia, is a cultural hub that attracts generations of families and rugby fans alike.

Finally, in tech news, basketball superstar LeBron James was recently spotted with an unreleased version of the Beats Pill speaker, sparking speculation about Apple’s revival of this product line. While the specifics of the product remain undisclosed, it’s certainly stirred up excitement among fans and tech enthusiasts.

That’s all for today’s stories. I’m Erika, and you’ve been listening to ‘Just a Moment News’. Stay informed, stay safe, and we’ll catch you in the next episode.

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