Just a Moment News - 2024-04-16


Hello everyone, this is Erika, and welcome to ‘Just a Moment News’ on this beautiful day of April 16, 2024. Let’s dive into the top stories of the day.

Our first story for today is about the Daily Maverick, which recently paused its operations to bring attention to the global crisis in journalism. The publication has seen an increase in support, with over a thousand new sign-ups for their Maverick Insider program. However, despite the growth in audience and work quality, they’ve highlighted the struggle of maintaining investigative journalism in the face of economic hardships and societal challenges. The shutdown was a statement on the importance of trust and factual reporting, drawing attention to the dangers of misinformation and the erosion of public discourse. The Daily Maverick is committed to preserving critical, truthful reporting amidst increasing threats and attacks on the media. They’ve called for action and support from readers to maintain the integrity of media outlets dedicated to truth and accountability.

Moving on, we have a concerning update from South Africa. The Government Employees Pension Fund experienced a significant cybersecurity breach in mid-February 2024. The LockBit ransomware group was behind the attack, leading to a prolonged system shutdown as a preventive measure. Initially, it was reported that no data had been compromised. However, it was later revealed that LockBit had accessed and dumped a staggering 668 gigabytes of data, including sensitive personal information, on the dark web. This breach has left government employees unable to access their pension information, causing significant distress and uncertainty about their financial futures. Meanwhile, LockBit continues to pose a significant threat, despite law enforcement efforts to disrupt its operations.

Our next story takes us to Germiston, where Hoërskool Vryburger High School is facing severe financial difficulties. The school, once a leading institution in its district, has seen a significant decline in school fee payments over the past decade. This financial shortfall has led to an inability to cover basic municipal bills, resulting in the disconnection of electricity. The school is also dealing with structural issues and security concerns due to damaged perimeter fencing. Efforts to raise additional funds have been unsuccessful, and the school is now struggling to afford the salaries of teachers hired by the School Governing Body.

In sports, Kelly Slater, often regarded as the greatest surfer of all time, has hinted at retirement following his exit at the Margaret River Pro. Despite a potential wildcard entry in the upcoming Fiji Pro, Slater’s illustrious career seems to be winding down due to the looming mid-season cut by the World Surf League and his growing family commitments. Over his 33-year career, Slater has amassed an unmatched record of eleven world titles and numerous event wins, becoming both the youngest and oldest world champion in the sport’s history.

Next, we have news from Meta, the parent company of Facebook. The tech giant is planning to integrate its Quest virtual reality headsets into classrooms. The company is developing education-focused applications for students aged thirteen and older, aiming to provide immersive educational scenarios. Despite the enthusiasm from some educators, the push for VR in education has raised concerns among parents and educators about increased screen time and its potential negative effects.

In tech news, a new AI tool named Limitless aims to help users process and recall their interactions. The Limitless Pendant, a wearable device, records ambient audio and uses artificial intelligence to transcribe discussions and provide real-time notes and summaries. The Limitless system aims to integrate with various digital platforms and real-world environments, storing data in the cloud and making it accessible across multiple devices.

Finally, Adobe has introduced new AI features for Premiere Pro, aiming to enhance the video editing process with generative AI technologies. These features include tools for smart selection and tracking that enable the addition or removal of objects within videos, and the capability to generate new video content from text inputs or uploaded images.

That’s all for today’s news. This is Erika, signing off from ‘Just a Moment News’. Stay informed and take care, everyone.

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