Just a Moment News - 2024-04-13


Hello everyone, this is Erika bringing you today’s ‘Just a Moment News’ on April 13, 2024. Let’s dive into the headlines.

First up, we have some exciting news from the tech world. Google researchers have come up with a new technique they’re calling Infini-attention, which is set to revolutionize the way large language models or LLMs work. The traditional LLMs, like GPT-4, often struggle to manage large volumes of text due to the exponential increase in memory and computational needs as the input size grows. But this new technique from Google uses a compressive memory module that can handle theoretically infinite lengths of context while keeping a fixed memory footprint. This could mean we’re moving towards models that can integrate vast amounts of data into continuous training cycles, potentially reducing the need for complex fine-tuning or retrieval-based techniques currently used in AI development.

Moving on to sports, Scottie Scheffler, the current World No 1 and 2022 Masters champion, has claimed a one-stroke lead in the second round of the 88th Masters Tournament at Augusta National. If he maintains this performance, he could join Tiger Woods as the only players to have won the Masters multiple times while being ranked number one. Speaking of Tiger Woods, he made history by making his 24th consecutive cut at the Masters, a new record at this venue. Despite recovering from severe leg injuries, Woods managed a score of 145, showing his enduring skill and determination.

In the world of consumer goods, we’re looking at the rise and fall of Prime Hydration, a drink co-founded by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul. While the launch saw unprecedented demand, with bottles being sold on eBay for exorbitant prices, the sales figures reported by The Grocer from NIQ data showed a significant decline by the first quarter of 2024. Experts suggest that while influencer endorsements can generate explosive initial growth, sustaining that momentum is challenging without a robust long-term strategy.

Next, we have some music industry news. Amid a dispute between Universal Music Group (UMG) and TikTok over royalty payments, Taylor Swift has decided to reintroduce her music to TikTok, going against her label’s actions. This move has raised questions about UMG’s leverage over its artists and its ongoing battle with TikTok. It also highlights Swift’s considerable influence and her ability to act independently of UMG, signalling potential shifts in how music rights are managed in the era of social media platforms.

In the realm of science, we have an interesting discovery from a diamond mine in Botswana. Two new species of rove beetles have been found, marking the first such find on the African continent and in the southern hemisphere. These discoveries not only enrich our understanding of the planet’s biodiversity history but also demonstrate the enduring adaptive nature of these insects across millions of years.

Over in Texas, skyscrapers are going dark to keep billions of birds safe. The state is a crucial migration path for around two billion birds each spring. To mitigate the risk of bird collisions with buildings, initiatives like the “Lights Out, Texas!” campaign have been launched, encouraging the reduction of non-essential outdoor lighting during peak migration times.

Finally, we have news from the world of games. Mattel is launching a new version of Scrabble named “Scrabble Together,” which introduces a more collaborative and less competitive gameplay format. This change, described as the most significant in the game’s seventy-five-year history, is driven by insights that Generation Z prefers less competitive, more team-oriented game dynamics.

That’s all for today’s ‘Just a Moment News’. I’m Erika, and I’ll be back with more news tomorrow. Stay informed and have a great day!

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