Just a Moment News - 2024-04-07


Hello everyone, this is Erika from ‘Just a Moment News’ and it’s April 7th, 2024. We’ve got quite a bit to cover today, so let’s dive right in.

First up, we’re looking at South Africa where a staggering 40% of the country’s purified water supply is being lost, primarily due to pipe leaks. This is a serious issue, especially in the major cities. Durban, for example, is experiencing the highest non-revenue water losses at a whopping fifty-eight percent. The national average isn’t much better, sitting at forty-seven point four percent. These losses are primarily due to damaged infrastructure and it’s causing a significant financial hit to municipalities. Despite government efforts, including a “war on leaks” campaign, the problem persists. Proposed solutions include substantial investments in new water infrastructure, but experts argue that more immediate actions, like fixing leaks, could alleviate the problem.

Next, we’re moving on to rugby. The Stormers had a narrow and controversial defeat against La Rochelle in the last 16 of the Champions Cup. The match was filled with critical moments, including a disallowed try for the Stormers and a contentious yellow card against former local favorite Dillyn Leyds. Despite the loss, this could potentially benefit the Stormers in the United Rugby Championship, allowing them to regroup and focus on upcoming matches. The team’s performance suggests they are a formidable force capable of competing against top European clubs. So, even though the loss was disappointing, the Stormers’ season aspirations remain very much alive.

In tech news, Jony Ive and Sam Altman are teaming up on a novel AI hardware project. This collaboration has garnered a lot of attention due to the prominent profiles of Ive and Altman and the potential it has to transform the technology industry. The project is still under wraps, but it’s being dubbed by some as the potential “iPhone of AI” for its promise to redefine human interaction with AI technologies. The outcome of Ive and Altman’s partnership could introduce a new era of AI hardware, emphasizing innovative design and user experience.

Over to sports, the recent women’s Final Four basketball game between UConn and Iowa set a historic viewership record. It became the most-watched women’s college basketball game ever, with an average of fourteen point two million viewers. This surge in viewership underscores the growing popularity and momentum of the women’s tournament. The record-breaking viewership follows the trend of increasing interest in women’s basketball, despite historical inequities faced from the NCAA and broadcast partners.

In other news, UFC fighter Jon Jones is facing allegations of assaulting a drug testing agent during an anti-doping program test at his home. Jones released a statement and security footage claiming the interaction concluded amicably, despite his frustration. The drug testing agent, however, described her fear during the encounter and pursued criminal charges against Jones for assault and interference with communications. The UFC has not yet commented on the situation.

Finally, country music star Jelly Roll had a bit of a scare when his private jet was forced to make an emergency landing on his way to the 2024 CMT Music Awards. The incident was documented by his wife, Bunnie XO, on TikTok. Despite the unexpected challenge, the couple managed to arrive in Las Vegas ahead of the CMT Music Awards, where Jelly Roll was nominated for three awards.

And that’s all for today’s news. Thank you for tuning into ‘Just a Moment News’. This is Erika, signing off.

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