Just a Moment News - 2024-03-13


Hello everyone, this is Erika on ‘Just a Moment News’ and today is March 13, 2024. Let’s dive into some of the day’s top stories.

First up, we have a political update from the United States. It appears that we’re gearing up for a 2020 election rematch with both Donald Trump and Joe Biden clinching their respective party nominations for the upcoming Presidential race. The primaries held in Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, and the Northern Mariana Islands saw both candidates emerge victorious. However, Trump now faces the additional challenge of defending himself against 91 felony charges related to various allegations. Despite the charges, he remains a formidable candidate within the Republican Party. On the Democratic side, Biden’s campaign focuses on his leadership and policy achievements. The upcoming election is expected to test their ability to unite their respective parties and appeal to a broader electorate amidst the ongoing debates over democracy, governance, and policy direction in the United States.

Moving to Johannesburg, the city has been grappling with a severe water crisis affecting more than twenty suburbs. Despite the revelation of a closed valve that disrupted water supply from Rand Water to Linden Reservoirs, many areas continue to experience water shortages. This crisis has highlighted the challenges of managing municipal water systems and the sensitivity of such infrastructure to seemingly minor operational oversights. As the city works towards recovery and mitigation strategies, this situation underscores the need for rigorous inspection and maintenance protocols, along with transparent communication between city officials, utility companies, and the public.

In legal news, the Supreme Court of Appeal in South Africa has ruled in favor of Kenneth Nkosana Makate, the man behind the “Please Call Me” service. Vodacom has been mandated to compensate him with an amount ranging between R29 billion and R63 billion. This decision follows extensive legal battles and has sparked discussions on corporate responsibility, innovation recognition, and the financial arrangements between creators and corporations.

In sports, Rassie Erasmus, the Springbok coach, is driving the team’s evolution with a strategic vision that includes short, medium, and long-term goals. Despite Siya Kolisi’s stellar performance at Racing 92, Erasmus has hinted at potential changes in leadership, emphasizing the transition towards nurturing younger talent. This strategic shift includes not only player management but also a broader reconsideration of the team’s playstyle and tactical underpinnings.

In the world of technology and healthcare, the Cromwell Hospital in London has utilized Apple’s Vision Pro headset in spinal surgery. The headset enabled a scrub nurse to access vital information through virtual screens, improving efficiency and assistance during the procedure. This integration, powered by eXeX’s AI-driven software, exemplifies the potential of mixed-reality technology to enhance surgical teams’ capabilities and patient care quality.

In entertainment news, Beau DeMayo, the creator of the animated series X-Men ‘97, has reportedly been fired by Marvel Studios. The dismissal occurred just as X-Men ‘97 was about to launch, with DeMayo having completed the first season and begun planning future seasons. The reasons behind this decision remain speculative, and the future of the series and its creative direction are now uncertain.

Finally, Apple TV+’s “Manhunt” is garnering attention for its portrayal of the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination and the broader theme of Reconstruction. The series uses the hunt for John Wilkes Booth as a backdrop to explore the challenges and opportunities of rebuilding the United States after the Civil War. “Manhunt” reflects on the era’s complex political and social dynamics, highlighting the bitter compromises and achievements that continue to resonate today.

That’s all for today’s news. This is Erika signing off from ‘Just a Moment News’. Stay informed and have a great day!

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