Just a Moment News - 2024-02-17


Hello, this is Erika, and welcome to ‘Just a Moment News’ podcast on this 17th of February, 2024. Let’s dive right into today’s top stories.

First up, we have an interesting insight into the earnings of Springbok rugby players. It seems the salaries of these athletes vary significantly, depending on whether they play domestically or internationally. While domestic players mainly earn from their club contracts, those playing in international leagues like the Premiership in England, Top 14 in France, and Japan’s Top League, have a much higher earning potential. The salary range for Springbok players starts from around five hundred thousand Rand, but top earners can make up to thirty-two million Rand annually. Despite efforts to retain talent with competitive packages, the trend of South African players moving abroad continues, driven by the higher salaries offered by foreign clubs.

Next, we celebrate the achievements of two South African students, Johannes Jacobus (Jaco) Deysel and Lethabo Molobi, at the 2024 Taiwan International Science Fair. Jaco secured the Third Award in Computer Science and Information Engineering for his project on breaking Caesar Cipher/Vigenère Cipher Encryption. On the other hand, Lethabo received the Fourth Award and the Viewer’s Choice Award in the Behavioural and Social Sciences category for her project on AI-generated texts. Their achievements underscore the importance of global scientific competitions in fostering young talent and the potential of South African youth in contributing significantly to the global scientific community.

In entertainment news, British actress Charlotte Hope stars in “Catch Me A Killer,” a South African production adapted from Micki Pistorius’s memoir. The series explores the professional journey of South Africa’s first serial killer profiler, Micki Pistorius, and delves into the psychology behind serial killers. Hope’s portrayal of Pistorius was deeply informed by her interactions with the real Pistorius, highlighting the emotional and intellectual demands of playing such a complex role.

In the world of sports, Formula One is set to undergo significant changes with new engine regulations in 2026. The introduction of engines with a 50-50 split between internal combustion and electrical power, alongside 100% sustainable fuels, aims to align F1 with the automotive industry’s push towards electrification and carbon neutrality by 2030. However, these changes have sparked debates within the F1 community, particularly around the implications for the sport’s dynamic.

In tech news, OpenAI recently completed a transaction that significantly increased its valuation to $80 billion or more. This development positions OpenAI as one of the world’s highest-valued technology startups, trailing only behind giants like ByteDance and SpaceX. The deal not only represents a substantial financial endorsement for OpenAI but also reflects the broader tech industry’s ongoing commitment to investing heavily in AI innovation.

Air Canada faced criticism and legal action after its chatbot provided misleading information regarding its bereavement travel policy. The Civil Resolution Tribunal ruled in favor of a passenger who was misled by the chatbot, ordering Air Canada to refund him and critiquing the airline’s defense. This decision was based on the principle that Air Canada is responsible for all information provided through its services, including chatbots.

Finally, KFC has launched a novel concept store in Johannesburg named KFC Play Braam. This innovative venue combines dining with entertainment and retail, featuring unique food items and attractions such as virtual reality gaming. With a cashless operation and a modernized store design, this concept store aims to make the KFC brand more appealing and relevant to young consumers in Africa.

And that brings us to the end of today’s ‘Just a Moment News’. I’m Erika, and I hope you found these stories informative and engaging. Join us again tomorrow for more news updates. Until then, take care and stay informed.

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