Just a Moment News - 2024-02-10


Hello everyone, this is Erika, your host for the ‘Just a Moment News’ podcast, bringing you the top stories of today, February 10, 2024.

First up, we have news from Durban’s uShaka Marine World, which is expected to shut its doors from Monday due to a wage dispute. The workers have issued a strike notice to the management, and the labour union representing them has taken the matter to the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration. The CEO of uShaka, Ndabo Khoza, stated that despite their best efforts, they couldn’t reach an agreement on the wage negotiations, leading to the current situation.

In the world of entertainment, Sony has secured a massive deal, acquiring a 50 percent stake in Michael Jackson’s recorded music and songwriting catalogs from the Jackson estate. This deal, which values Jackson’s assets at over $1.2 billion, includes not just his hits but also his music publishing assets. It’s a strategic move by Sony that highlights the enduring global appeal of Jackson’s music, even 15 years after his death.

The fate of Warner Bros.’ “Coyote vs. Acme,” hangs in the balance. The studio had initially planned to cancel the live-action/animated hybrid film but reversed its decision after positive reception at a friends-and-family screening. However, Warner Bros. is looking to offload the project, and potential buyers are finding the asking price too high. The lack of engagement from Warner Bros. executives and the looming deadline add to the uncertainty of the movie’s future.

Australia is in the news with its plan to allow employees to ignore after-hours communications from their bosses. The proposed legislation is part of a broader effort by the Labor government to enhance workers’ rights and curb the issue of “availability creep.” Critics, however, argue that it could negatively impact productivity and job creation.

In energy news, South Africa’s Eskom has escalated to Stage 6 load-shedding indefinitely. This comes despite President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent assurances that the nation is moving past the worst phases of load-shedding. The current escalation underscores the complexities and challenges in South Africa’s energy sector.

In a heartwarming story from Cape Town, a social experiment started by a tweet has shown the impact of $20 in South Africa compared to the USA. A USA concert photographer sent $20 to a Cape Town attorney to buy ten Big Mac meals for the less fortunate, showcasing the relative value of currencies and the power of a simple act of kindness.

Finally, Elon Musk’s platform, X (formerly Twitter), has entered into a strategic partnership with BetMGM, marking a shift towards becoming an “everything app”. This partnership makes BetMGM the exclusive Live Odds Sports Betting partner of X, introducing a betting feature directly on the platform.

That wraps up our news for today, February 10, 2024. Thank you for tuning into the ‘Just a Moment News’ podcast. I’m Erika, and I’ll be back with more news tomorrow. Stay informed and have a great day!

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