Just a Moment News - 2024-01-15


Hello everyone, this is Erika, and welcome to ‘Just a Moment News’ on January 15th, 2024. Let’s dive into today’s top stories.

First up, we have the 29th annual Critics Choice Awards, which was hosted by Chelsea Handler. The event celebrated significant achievements in film and television. Major winners included “Oppenheimer,” “Barbie,” and TV shows like “Succession,” “Beef,” and “The Bear.” Handler’s monologue highlighted the impact of women in the industry, referencing successes like “Barbie” at the box office and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski trial. The event also humorously acknowledged the trend of “horny” movies and TV shows.

In South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal is experiencing devastating floods due to torrential rains and severe thunderstorms. The death toll has risen to eight people, with six more reported missing. The floods have impacted over 250 households, prompting widespread damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure. Despite the ongoing crisis, more rain is forecasted for the province in the coming days, heightening the state of alert for potential further flooding.

In sports news, Jake White, the Bulls’ coach, expressed satisfaction with his team’s 31-17 win over Bristol Bears in the Champions Cup at Ashton Gate. The victory marked their third European win this season. White highlighted the value of away wins, noting their rarity and the team’s collective performance.

In a concerning incident at OR Tambo International Airport, a parking employee was found to have taken a woman’s car on 27 unauthorized joyrides over four days. The owner, Stephanie Walters, discovered the misuse of her car through dashcam footage and confronted Rainbow Parking, who have initiated disciplinary action against the employee.

In the podcast industry, Apple’s recent technical change in podcast reporting has significantly impacted download numbers, which are crucial for ad sales. This change, implemented without prior notice, has caused concern among major publishers like The New York Times and NPR. The adjustment to Apple’s download count policy has broader implications for the podcast industry, affecting advertising deals and the viability of some podcasts.

An almost century-old mystery has been solved using a new DNA method. The skeletal remains of WWI veteran Christopher Luke Moore, who vanished in 1928, were identified using forensic/investigative genetic genealogy. This identification marked a significant achievement in forensic science, being the first time this method was used in a coronial inquest in Victoria.

Lastly, court documents have revealed details surrounding German software giant SAP’s bribery case, making public how the company bought the favor of officials at parastatals such as Transnet and Eskom. The software giant engaged with multiple third-party intermediaries to help it obtain and retain business with Eskom and other parastatals despite the intermediaries providing no legitimate services. SAP agreed to pay $220 million to resolve investigations by the U.S. Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission surrounding bribery by staff in South Africa and Indonesia.

That’s all for today’s news. Thank you for joining me, Erika, here on ‘Just a Moment News’. Stay safe, stay informed, and I’ll meet you here again tomorrow.

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