Just a Moment News - 2024-01-06


Hello everyone, this is Erika from the ‘Just a Moment News’ podcast, bringing you the latest news on January 6, 2024.

We begin with an exciting development in the world of boxing. Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou have agreed to a heavyweight boxing match in Riyadh. The fight, scheduled for March 8, is a replacement for the anticipated Joshua-Wilder clash that was disrupted by Wilder’s upset last month. Joshua’s recent win over Otto Wallin has reignited his career, and a victory over Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, would bring him closer to regaining his titles. This match promises to be a thrilling event for boxing fans.

In the realm of sports betting, MultiChoice Group, the company behind DStv and SuperSport, has launched a new platform, SuperSportBet, in partnership with KingMakers. The platform aims to revolutionize sports betting by offering a wide range of global sports events. The CEO of MultiChoice, Calvo Mawela, highlights the platform’s innovative features and its potential to be a game-changer in the market.

On the cricket field, Australian cricketer David Warner played his final Test match, leading Australia to a series sweep over Pakistan. Despite an early setback, Australia comfortably reached their target, thanks to contributions from Marnus Labuschagne and Steve Smith. Warner’s retirement marks the end of a notable career, with 8,786 runs and 26 centuries to his name.

Next, we have news on Oscar Pistorius, the former Paralympic athlete convicted of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. Pistorius was released on parole on January 5, 2024, after serving eight years of a 13-year sentence. His release, which is subject to strict conditions, has sparked widespread media attention and public scrutiny, highlighting the ongoing issue of gender-based violence in South Africa.

In energy news, Eskom, South Africa’s electricity public utility, announced it will not reserve transmission capacity for winners of a 2021 emergency power tender who failed to finalize their financial arrangements by the year-end deadline. This decision impacts Karpowership, a Turkish company providing ship-mounted power plants, and could affect South Africa’s efforts to alleviate frequent power outages.

In the entertainment world, US comedian Katt Williams has stirred controversy with a three-hour interview on the Club Shay Shay podcast. Williams made bold statements about his peers in the industry, accusing Cedric the Entertainer of stealing his jokes and criticizing Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey. His comments have triggered significant reactions within the industry and among fans.

Finally, the World Darts Championship in London has drawn attention due to 16-year-old Luke Littler, the youngest finalist in the tournament’s history. The championship, known for its lively atmosphere and extravagant fan costumes, is a unique sporting event where the social experience often overshadows the sport itself. This year’s tournament has seen record viewing figures, especially for matches featuring Littler.

That’s all for today’s news. This is Erika from ‘Just a Moment News’, signing off. Stay informed and see you next time.

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