Just a Moment News - 2024-01-02


Hello everyone, this is Erika and you’re listening to ‘Just a Moment News’ on this 2nd day of January, 2024. Let’s dive into our news stories for today.

First off, we have a review of the film “Maestro,” a biopic directed by and starring Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein. This film deviates from conventional biopics by focusing on a specific period of Bernstein’s life, particularly his later years and reminiscences after the death of his wife, Felicia, played by Carey Mulligan. The film begins with Bernstein’s unexpected breakthrough as a conductor with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and introduces his homosexual relationships, notably with David Oppenheim, played by Matt Bomer. However, the film seems to struggle with clarity, leaving out significant details that require audience research for full comprehension. Despite its script shortcomings, “Maestro” is a visually and musically rich film, integrating Bernstein’s music as a character itself, and is recommended for Bernstein enthusiasts.

Next, we turn to the world of UFC. In 2023, the UFC awarded 190 post-fight bonuses totaling $9.5 million. Out of these, 58 were for Fight of the Night across 29 events, while 132 were Performance of the Night bonuses. The UFC saw 25 fighters win multiple bonuses in 2023, with Diego Lopes earning three. However, male fighters significantly outnumbered female fighters in bonus awards, reflecting the larger number of male fights.

In the world of darts, sixteen-year-old Luke Littler has remarkably advanced to the PDC World Darts Championship semi-finals, showcasing his prodigious talent with a 5-1 win against Brendan Dolan and a previous 4-1 victory over Raymond van Barneveld. His exceptional performance has positioned him as the tournament favorite.

Moving on, renowned financial advisor Suze Orman shares her unique approach to budgeting and New Year’s resolutions. She likens budgets to diets, arguing that restrictions often lead to splurging. Instead of setting ambitious financial targets for 2024, Orman advises focusing on actions that enhance a sense of security, such as saving a small amount or cutting back on eating out.

In cricket news, former Australian cricketer Steve Waugh has expressed frustration with the International Cricket Council (ICC) and cricket administrators for neglecting Test cricket’s welfare. His comments came in response to South Africa prioritizing their Twenty20 competition over a New Zealand tour. Waugh fears this trend will adversely affect major Test events like the Boxing Day Test and urged the ICC to intervene.

Finally, in rugby news, Eben Etzebeth, a key player for the Sharks, missed their game against the Stormers due to a stomach complaint, as explained by head coach John Plumtree. Despite the absence of Etzebeth, the Sharks are optimistic about his quick recovery and are urging fans to remain patient during this transitional phase.

And that wraps up our news for today. This is Erika, signing off from ‘Just a Moment News’. Stay informed and have a great day!

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