Just a Moment News - 2023-12-13


Hello everyone, this is Erika from ‘Just a Moment News’, bringing you the top stories on this 13th day of December, 2023.

First up, Netflix is stepping up its transparency game. The streaming giant has initiated the practice of disclosing detailed viewer data for all titles on its platform. This is a major shift from its previous stance of withholding viewership figures. The political thriller “The Night Agent” topped the global viewing charts for the first half of 2023, followed by “Ginny & Georgia” Season 2 and the South Korean series “The Glory”.

Moving on to the world of cryptocurrency, South African crypto asset provider Luno is changing its strategy following a major workforce retrenchment earlier this year. The company is shifting its focus from short-term market reactions to long-term goals. Luno’s Country Manager for South Africa, Christo de Wit, expects cryptocurrency to become a mainstream financial element in South Africa by 2030.

In sports news, South Africa achieved a comfortable five-wicket victory over India in the second T20I at St George’s Park. Key contributions came from Reeza Hendricks and captain Aiden Markram, while bowler Tabraiz Shamsi stood out with his economical bowling.

Now, let’s talk about the tech world. Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, has shared his thoughts on why his company fared better against Google than Apple in court. A federal court jury ruled that Google’s Google Play Store engages in anti-competitive practices, a significant win for Epic Games.

In the field of archaeology, a discovery of the world’s earliest known wooden architecture has radically changed scholars’ views of the capabilities of people of the past. The wooden structure, dating back nearly half a million years, was likely the handiwork of the archaic human species Homo heidelbergensis.

Cape Town could soon have a second airport if plans to expand the Cape Winelands Airport in Durbanville go ahead. The new airport will be a closer backup to Cape Town International Airport and is expected to bring socioeconomic value by creating more jobs.

In the world of paleontology, a juvenile Gorgosaurus, a relative of Tyrannosaurus rex, was discovered with its last meal preserved in its stomach. This rare find offers evidence that young tyrannosaurs had different diets and hunting strategies compared to adults.

Lastly, Dulux Indonesia’s ‘Project Yellow Canteen’, in collaboration with Innocean Indonesia, has transformed several school canteens with yellow decor. The initiative aimed to create healthier school dining environments due to the high disease transmission rate from flies.

That’s all for today. This is Erika from ‘Just a Moment News’, wishing you a great day ahead. Stay tuned for more news updates tomorrow.

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