Just a Moment News - 2023-12-07


Good morning, everyone! I’m Erika, and this is Just a Moment News. Today is December 7, 2023. Let’s dive into the headlines for today.

First up, Netflix has announced that it is renewing its popular show “Squid Game: The Challenge” for a second season. Not only that, but they are also developing a video game set in the Squid Game universe. While Netflix didn’t provide many details about the game, they did mention that players will be able to compete with friends in games inspired by the series. If you’re in Los Angeles, California, you can even participate in an in-person Squid Game challenge pop-up, complete with a themed bar and Korean food. However, it’s worth noting that some contestants from the first season have experienced injuries, leading to legal action being taken on their behalf.

Moving on, the MTN MoMo API Hackathon recently concluded, showcasing innovative solutions from South African developers. The competition, which took place across 15 countries, saw the participation of local developers for the first time. The winners included Zaka, a solution for instant cashout of Point-of-Sale revenue into MoMo Wallets; Tata Imali, a crowdfunding platform for low-income earners; and MoLo, a peer-to-peer lending platform. These solutions highlight the potential of African developers in leveraging the MTN MoMo platform for economic growth and financial inclusion.

Next, Netflix has released a biopic called “Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World.” The film tells the inspiring life story of George Foreman, from his troubled childhood to becoming an Olympic gold medalist and World Heavyweight champion. It also covers his career highs and lows, including his famous fights against Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. The movie explores Foreman’s retirement from boxing, his journey as a preacher, and his comeback to reclaim the heavyweight title. It also delves into his entrepreneurship with the George Foreman Grill and his reconciliation with Ali.

In other news, the Friends of Lion’s Head organization in Cape Town has decided to suspend their Freedom Sunset Hikes on Lion’s Head Trail due to recent muggings. The group has issued a cautionary statement, advising hikers to avoid wearing valuables and to remain vigilant if they choose to hike. Safety should always be a priority, especially in outdoor activities.

Shifting gears, during Black Friday 2023, Takealot, a South African online retailer, offered historically low prices on their best-selling tech products. Data analysis shows that seven out of eleven tech products were at their lowest prices ever on Takealot. However, some skepticism remains regarding list prices, as they can be artificially inflated. Despite not all products reaching their lowest prices, notable discounts were still available.

Now let’s talk about NASA’s asteroid mission. The OSIRIS-REx mission successfully collected samples from the asteroid Bennu and returned them to Earth. However, during reentry, there was a moment of high drama when the capsule’s drogue parachute failed to deploy on time. Fortunately, the main parachute eventually opened, ensuring a safe landing in the Utah desert. Scientists are now analyzing the asteroid materials, which are crucial for understanding the origins of life and water on Earth.

In the AI world, Google has launched Gemini, its advanced AI model, to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Gemini offers different versions, including Ultra, Pro, and Nano, and is designed to work across devices. Google claims that Gemini outperforms its competitors in standard industry benchmarks. The launch of Gemini is part of Google’s efforts to assert its leadership in AI and innovate its search business.

Lastly, Reuters has temporarily taken down an investigation into an Indian hacker-for-hire operation due to a court order. The report provided unprecedented insight into the inner workings of a sophisticated hacking outfit. Reuters stands by its reporting and plans to appeal the decision. This incident highlights the press freedom challenges faced in India.

That’s all for today’s news headlines. Stay informed, stay curious, and have a great day! I’m Erika, and this was Just a Moment News.

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