Just a Moment News - 2023-12-04


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First up, we have a tragic incident in Indonesia. Eleven climbers have lost their lives, and 12 more are still missing after the eruption of Mount Merapi. The volcano, located in West Sumatra, erupted on Sunday, and authorities report that 26 people were not evacuated from the area. Search and rescue efforts are currently underway, but operations were temporarily suspended due to a minor eruption on Monday. It’s important to note that Indonesia sits on the Pacific’s “Ring of Fire” and has numerous active volcanoes.

Moving on to Egypt, a top archaeologist has shed light on the so-called “curse of the pharaohs.” Zahi Hawass, a prominent archaeologist and former Egyptian minister, has debunked the myth, attributing the deaths of those who entered ancient tombs to exposure to germs rather than a supernatural curse. Hawass explained that the deaths were likely caused by germs present in the tombs and emphasized the importance of precautionary measures to avoid germ exposure.

In the world of music, iconic glam rock band Kiss has made a significant announcement. They recently concluded their “End of the Road” tour in New York City, and at the show’s end, they unveiled their digital avatars, marking the start of a “new Kiss era.” The band plans to transition into a fully virtual format, following in the footsteps of ABBA’s successful digital avatar shows. Pophouse Entertainment, the company behind this transformation, intends to produce immersive concerts featuring Kiss’ avatars, capitalizing on the trend of using digital recreations for live performances.

On the topic of border control, South Africa’s Border Management Authority (BMA) has intercepted 44 buses at the Beitbridge border post with Zimbabwe. These buses were carrying 443 children, the oldest of whom is eight years old, in a suspected human trafficking case. The children were traveling without adults, except for the bus drivers, and lacked the necessary permissions. While charging the drivers has proven difficult, the BMA Commissioner highlighted the intelligence-driven nature of the operation and the collaboration with Zimbabwean authorities for child repatriation.

In sad news, well-known South African medical expert Professor Harry Seftel has passed away at the age of 94. President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed his sadness at the loss of the veteran clinician, researcher, and academic. Professor Seftel’s life journey included his friendship with Nelson Mandela during their time at university. Ramaphosa praised Seftel’s continuous curiosity and dedication to promoting healthy lifestyle choices. Seftel’s impact as an educator and his ability to share knowledge in accessible and entertaining ways made him a national treasure in the field of healthcare.

In the pharmaceutical world, Pfizer has faced a setback in the weight-loss drug market. The company has announced the discontinuation of Phase 3 studies for danuglipron, a twice-daily oral weight-loss drug. This decision has caused Pfizer’s shares to drop, highlighting the challenges the company faces in diversifying its pharmaceutical portfolio beyond its successful COVID-19 interventions. Despite the drug’s effectiveness in reducing body weight, the high rate of side effects led to many trial participants dropping out. Pfizer remains optimistic about danuglipron’s potential and plans to reformulate it for once-daily use.

Lastly, we have an update on the impact of generative AI in the healthcare sector. OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a leading AI technology, has made significant advancements in medical research, reduced paperwork for doctors, and brought the industry closer to AI-aided diagnoses. This integration of AI in healthcare has sparked a competitive race among tech giants to develop AI tools for medical research and patient care. However, concerns about potential risks, such as misinformation and bias, have also been raised. The medical community agrees that AI cannot replace doctors in diagnosis but recognizes its potential as a supplement to human intervention.

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