Just a Moment News - 2023-11-26


Good day, listeners! This is Erika from Just a Moment News, bringing you the latest headlines for today, November 26, 2023. Let’s dive right in.

Our first story involves a legal dispute between businessman Thabo Twala and his ex-girlfriend over a child maintenance issue. Twala has taken the matter to court, accusing his ex-girlfriend of unlawfully obtaining his personal information, including his address, through a TV license invoice from the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). He is seeking damages for violation of his privacy rights. Twala has reported the breach to the SA Information Regulator, and the SABC is aware of the court summons. We’ll keep you updated on any developments in this ongoing legal battle.

Moving on, Durban’s beaches have lost their Blue Flag status due to ocean pollution caused by untreated sewage and industrial wastewater. Last year, the city was unable to participate in the Blue Flag program due to flood damage to sewage treatment works. This year, ongoing challenges in repairing infrastructure led to fluctuating beach closures, preventing Durban from meeting the criteria for Blue Flag status. The loss of this status has had a significant impact on the local tourism industry, with beach closures resulting in substantial revenue losses. However, tourism entities in Umhlanga and the South Coast are working to address these challenges and ensure a successful tourist season.

In the world of entertainment, Disney’s latest animated feature, “Wish,” has disappointed at the box office with a $33 million start over the Thanksgiving weekend. This underperformance adds to the growing concern over Disney’s strategic shift towards quantity over quality in its content production. Several high-profile Disney releases, including films from major franchises like Marvel and Lucasfilm, have failed to meet box office expectations. Critics have labeled “Wish” as uninspired, reflecting a possible dilution of the Disney brand. However, there is still hope, as past examples like Pixar’s “Elemental” have shown that weak openings can eventually lead to global success.

Next, we have a story from Cape Town, where three ultra-trail runners were mugged during a 100-mile race. Despite the traumatic experience, these brave runners chose to continue with the grueling event. The incident has been reported to the South African Police Service, and measures are being taken to inform other runners about the incident. In response, the Mountain Mender Fund Campaign has opened a fundraising campaign to replace the runners’ gear and provide necessary counseling services. Our thoughts are with these runners, and we hope they find the strength to complete the race.

Shifting gears, we have an intriguing story about Aitana Lopez, a virtual model created using artificial intelligence. Aitana, designed by Spanish designer Rubén Cruz, has gained popularity as a fitness influencer and gamer, earning a substantial income from advertisements and a subscription-based platform. This success has led to the creation of other AI models and sparked interest from brands looking for cost-effective advertising options. However, concerns about societal beauty norms and the potential misuse of AI in creating deepfakes and inappropriate content have been raised. Platforms have started adding disclaimers to AI-generated content to address these issues.

Lastly, in South Africa, air fryers have emerged as the most popular item purchased during Black Friday sales. Pick n Pay, a retailer, reported a significant boost in air fryer sales compared to previous years. Financial insights from Ozow revealed that the largest single transaction on Black Friday was two hundred thousand Rand, with an average transaction value of three hundred ninety-three Rand and sixty-five cents. Retailers anticipated an increase in sales by around seven billion Rand compared to last year, with online sales expected to form a significant portion, replicating last year’s trend.

And that’s a wrap for today’s headlines. Stay tuned for more news updates. This is Erika from Just a Moment News, signing off.

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