Just a Moment News - 2023-11-09


Good morning and welcome to Just a Moment News. I’m Erika, and here are today’s headlines for November 9, 2023.

First up, after 118 days, the Hollywood actors’ strike has come to an end. The strike had a significant impact on the industry, causing economic losses and disrupting production schedules. The Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) reached a tentative agreement with the studios, which includes higher pay and protections against the use of AI. The deal, valued at over $1 billion, is expected to be ratified and marks a victory for the actors. Full details of the agreement will be released after a SAG-AFTRA board meeting.

In tech news, Samsung has detailed its plans for “Galaxy AI” in a recent blog post. The company previewed a feature called “AI Live Translate Call,” which will allow real-time translation of phone calls using artificial intelligence. Samsung’s Galaxy AI aims to enhance the mobile experience with the integration of on-device AI and cloud-based AI. The new features are expected to be included in the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup of smartphones.

Speaking of AI, Humane, a company promoting a world after smartphones, is set to launch its first device called the AI Pin. Priced at $699, the wearable device functions as a smartphone without a screen. It runs on a Humane-branded version of T-Mobile’s network and offers access to AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI. The Pin features voice-based interaction, a green laser projector, and a touchpad for gestures. It also comes with a monthly subscription fee of $24, which includes a phone number, cell data, and access to AI models.

In other news, a South African student, Sibongile Mani, has avoided jail time after spending over R800,000 from a disbursement error by Intellimali. Mani was initially sentenced to five years in prison but successfully appealed the decision, arguing that she did not actively seek the money. The court replaced her sentence with a suspended one under correctional supervision, community service, and mandatory counseling and rehabilitation.

Moving on to technology, GitHub’s AI coding assistant, Copilot, is proving to be a moneymaker for the company. Despite increased server compute costs, GitHub maintains its current pricing to meet the growing demand for its services. Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott plays a crucial role in scaling data centers to efficiently run AI models like GPT-4. GitHub’s strategic integration of third-party providers and the potential for AI-assisted coding to enable non-coders are highlighted as key factors in building network effects and maintaining a competitive edge.

Lastly, the Louis Vuitton trophy case designed for the Webb Ellis Cup, the trophy for the Rugby World Cup, has an estimated value of between R2.4 million and R4.9 million. Louis Vuitton items in South Africa typically retain around 65% of their value, and unique pieces can sell for even more. The trophy case, customized with the French flag colors and rugby symbolism, showcases Louis Vuitton’s tradition and innovation in trunk-making.

That’s all for today’s headlines. Thank you for joining us on Just a Moment News. I’m Erika, and I’ll see you next time.

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