Just a Moment News - 2023-11-02


Good day, everyone! This is Erika from Just a Moment News, and today is November 2, 2023. Let’s dive into today’s headlines.

First up, in cricket news, South Africa secured a big win over New Zealand in the Cricket World Cup. They defeated New Zealand by 190 runs, likely securing a spot in the semifinals. South Africa posted a total of 357 runs, with centuries from Quinton de Kock and Rassie van der Dussen being the highlights of their innings. South Africa’s bowlers, led by Keshav Maharaj and Marco Jansen, restricted New Zealand to just 167 runs. This victory places South Africa at the top of the points table, setting up an important match against India for the top spot.

Moving on to economic news, civil society organizations in South Africa are criticizing Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana’s Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement. The budget has faced backlash for its spending cuts, particularly in healthcare and education. The reduction in funding for public healthcare, HIV/AIDS and TB funding, and school infrastructure has raised concerns about increasing inequality. The budget’s approach to economic growth and employment has also been viewed as potentially counterproductive. Critics argue for the need for more effective socioeconomic strategies that focus on small-scale, community-based economic activities for inclusive growth.

In local news, opposition parties in eThekwini municipality are holding the ANC-led coalition government accountable for not spending 1.2 billion rand out of a 1.9-billion rand grant intended for human settlements and coastal sewerage repairs. The grant was meant to address flood damage from last year, which destroyed or swept away over 15,000 homes. Opposition figures are calling for the resignation of key city officials, citing failure in various capacities. The National Treasury denied the rollover of unspent funds due to a lack of required documentation from the City.

Shifting gears, AfriForum’s legal challenge against the five-year expiry rule for driving licenses was dismissed by the Gauteng High Court. AfriForum argued that no legislation mandates a five-year renewal period and that the renewal system is overburdened. However, the judge dismissed the case on a technicality, stating that AfriForum should have filed within 180 days of the regulation’s issuance 23 years ago. The Road Traffic Management Corporation supported the court’s decision and advised motorists to check their license expiry to avoid penalties.

In entertainment news, Warner Bros. is considering releasing its horror film “Salem’s Lot” on its streaming platform, Warner Bros. Discovery, instead of in theaters. This decision is driven by the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike and the need for more content on their streaming platform. “Salem’s Lot,” based on Stephen King’s novel, was initially scheduled for a September 2022 release but has faced delays and removal from the schedule. The film has received praise from King himself, and Warner Bros. hopes to replicate the success they had with another of King’s adaptations, “It.”

Lastly, actress Scarlett Johansson is taking legal action against an AI app developer for using her name and likeness in an online ad. The ad was for an AI image editor called Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook & Avatar and featured an AI-generated version of Johansson’s voice. Johansson’s representatives clarified that she was never a spokesperson for the app, and her attorney is handling the situation legally. This case highlights the growing concern surrounding AI-generated content and the need for legal remedies in such instances.

That’s all for today’s headlines. Stay tuned for more news updates. This is Erika from Just a Moment News, signing off. Have a great day!

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