Just a Moment News - 2023-09-27


Good day, listeners! This is Erika from Just a Moment News, and I have some interesting headlines for you today, September 27th, 2023.

First up, Taylor Swift fans in South Africa can now pre-book tickets for her upcoming concert film. The film, titled “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” will be released worldwide on October 13th. It has already broken pre-sales records in the US, and experts predict it could make over $100 million during its opening weekend in North America. Additionally, there are rumors about Taylor Swift’s relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce. Exciting news for Swifties!

In tech news, Jony Ive, Apple’s former chief design officer, is reportedly working on an AI hardware device with Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI. Altman has a history of collaborating with Apple-affiliated designers, and he is also involved with Humane, a startup working on AI wearable tech. The details of their collaboration and the nature of the device are still under wraps. It’s always interesting to see what these tech giants come up with!

Moving on to the world of cinema, director Wes Anderson has finally found his approach to adapting Roald Dahl’s “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.” After 15 years of contemplation, Anderson has incorporated Dahl’s descriptive prose directly into the dialogues of his characters. This unique approach allows the characters to narrate their own actions and creates a cinematic experience that Anderson believes captures the essence of Dahl’s storytelling voice. The film, a 40-minute short, features an ensemble cast and will be released on Netflix. Anderson is also set to direct three more Dahl adaptations. However, his decision to include Dahl’s original prose, which includes potentially offensive language, has sparked controversy. Anderson defends his choice, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the integrity of the author’s work.

In weather news, residents of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa are bracing themselves for damaging waves of up to 5 meters. The KwaZulu-Natal Cogta department has activated disaster management centers, and the South African Weather Service has issued a Level 4 warning for the coast. Strong winds and high waves are expected, and areas like eThekwini metro are on high alert. This comes after the Western and Eastern Cape experienced severe weather conditions, including flooding and road closures. It’s important for residents and businesses to stay safe and follow any evacuation instructions.

Shifting our focus to the struggling state logistics company in South Africa, it is causing significant economic strain. Transnet, the logistics company, is facing issues with poor port productivity and under-maintenance. This inefficiency is affecting the finance ministry, which is already dealing with falling tax revenues. Furthermore, transport bottlenecks are putting around 35,000 coal mining jobs at risk. Transnet and Eskom, the state-owned power utility, have both been implicated in corruption scandals, which tarnishes the image of the ruling ANC party. This mismanagement could impact voter sentiment in the upcoming elections, potentially leading to a shift in power.

Lastly, a severe storm hit the Western Cape over the long weekend, resulting in record-breaking rainfall. Franschhoek received a staggering 299mm of rain, and other regions also experienced significant rainfall. The South African Weather Service issued a Level 9 warning for Cape Town, the Overberg, and Cape Winelands, anticipating flooding, severe storms, and gale-force winds. Unfortunately, the storm caused damage to homes and resulted in tragic incidents, including electrocutions.

That’s all for today’s news stories. Stay safe and informed, and I’ll be back soon with more updates. This is Erika from Just a Moment News, signing off.

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