Just a Moment News - 2023-09-20


Good day, everyone! This is Erika from Just a Moment News, bringing you the latest headlines for today, September 20, 2023.

First up, WhatsApp is finally launching its long-awaited iPad app. Some lucky beta testers have discovered version of WhatsApp’s TestFlight app, which includes the new iPad app. The interface is similar to the iOS app, but it allows users to see both their conversations and current chat at the same time. It’s been a long time coming, considering WhatsApp head Will Cathcart expressed the company’s desire to develop an iPad app back in January 2022. Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, has not been keen on building iPad apps in the past, but with WhatsApp’s growing importance in Meta’s social ecosystem, it makes sense to expand its availability to iPad users.

In other news, archaeologists have made an interesting discovery at the ruins of Ćmielów Castle in Poland. They have found a 500-year-old carved game board for the strategic game Mill, also known as Nine Men’s Morris. This game has ancient origins and has been mentioned by both Ovid and Shakespeare. The discovery adds to the evidence of board games’ universality and enduring appeal across different civilizations and time periods.

Moving on, Google has announced updates to its AI assistant, Google Bard. The updates include integration with various Google apps and a “double-check button” to validate its output against web content. Google Bard Extensions have also been introduced, allowing for more functional integrations with apps like Gmail and Google Drive. While Google Bard has faced criticism for its capabilities compared to OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, it stands out for its seamless integration with Google’s ecosystem. Privacy concerns are addressed by excluding human reviewers from accessing data from Gmail, Docs, and Drive.

Next, Mexican doctors have concluded tests on alleged “non-human” alien corpses. The remains, which have elongated heads and three fingers on each hand, were found in Cusco, Peru in 2017. The scientists claim that these beings are biological and not assembled from human objects. Journalist Jaime Maussan, a UFO enthusiast, believes that they have one-third unknown DNA and are not part of Earth’s evolutionary history. Skeptics have called for further independent verification and question the possibility of intelligent alien life resembling humans. These findings may have an impact on Mexican politicians who are considering the Aerial Space Protection Law, which could make Mexico the first country to legally acknowledge the presence of aliens.

In South Africa, the SA National Taxi Council (Santaco) has protested against concrete barricades near the newly-opened Oceans Mall in Umhlanga, Durban. The barricades have caused severe traffic jams, as Santaco claims they restrict minibus taxis from accessing the mall. Santaco’s KwaZulu-Natal manager criticized the eThekwini Municipality for poor spatial planning and neglecting the needs of taxi operators and commuters. A temporary agreement has been reached to remove the barricades and continue discussions for a permanent solution.

Lastly, Africa’s biggest city, Lagos, is feeling apprehensive about a Chinese-built metro system. The Blue Line, constructed by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, has been used by 20,000 passengers since its launch on September 4. Lagos, with its bustling population of 20 million, faces significant transportation challenges, and this train service aims to provide a long-term solution. However, the city has a history of poor maintenance for infrastructure projects, leading to skepticism among passengers. The success of this metro system will depend on its ability to overcome the maintenance issues that have plagued other Chinese-funded mass transit projects in Africa.

That’s all for today’s headlines. Stay tuned for more news updates. This is Erika from Just a Moment News, signing off.

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