Just a Moment News - 2023-09-17


Good day, listeners! This is Erika from Just a Moment News, bringing you the latest headlines for September 17, 2023. Let’s dive into today’s stories.

First up, we have the funeral of Mangosuthu Buthelezi, a prominent South African politician and Zulu chief. Buthelezi’s death at the age of 95 has sparked debates over his complex legacy. Supporters see him as a champion of peace and Zulu dignity, while critics label him as an “apartheid collaborator” and blame him for political violence during South Africa’s transition to democracy. Opinions also diverge on his role during the ANC-IFP conflict that led to thousands of deaths. His funeral has been marred by accusations of political opportunism by parties, including the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Moving on to sports, the Springboks, South Africa’s national rugby team, are preparing for their upcoming match against Romania in the Rugby World Cup 2023. The team is taking the match very seriously and has implemented intense security measures during their training sessions. South Africa has yet to name a replacement for injured player Malcolm Marx, but Handre Pollard is the likely candidate. The match against Romania is crucial, as the point differential could impact their quarterfinal qualifications.

In other news, the South African Department of Social Development has returned over 15 billion Rand of unspent Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grants to the National Treasury. This comes amidst technical glitches at Postbank that left hundreds of thousands without grants. Critics argue that the department’s excuses are inadequate, especially as they didn’t make enough effort to contact beneficiaries who are often unreachable via SMS due to frequent power outages. The department is also facing scrutiny for recent technical glitches at Postbank, affecting 600,000 old-age grant recipients.

Shifting our focus to European soccer, the weekend was filled with upsets and drama across major leagues. Paris Saint-Germain suffered a shocking loss to Nice, Bayern Munich could only manage a draw against Leverkusen, and Manchester United faced defeat against Brighton. In Italy, Inter Milan dominated AC Milan, while Valencia crushed Atletico Madrid. Liverpool briefly led the Premier League table after showing resilience against Wolves. The weekend’s performances have raised questions about managerial futures and team dynamics.

Next, we have a weather alert from the South African Weather Service. Severe weather conditions are expected tomorrow, with damaging waves forecasted to hit several coastlines. Additionally, the Western Cape can expect cloudy and cool weather, with wind speeds varying across different regions.

Lastly, a fire at Sun City Cabanas was quickly contained thanks to the immediate and coordinated actions of the staff and fire and rescue services. Their quick response and effective teamwork prevented any injuries and controlled the situation in under an hour. Their actions have been highly praised by management, highlighting the impact everyday heroes can make when united for a common cause.

That’s all for today’s headlines. Stay tuned for more news updates. This is Erika from Just a Moment News, signing off.

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