Just a Moment News - 2023-09-12


Good day, everyone! This is Erika from Just a Moment News, bringing you today’s headlines on September 12, 2023. Let’s get started.

First up, we have a concerning story from South Africa. Counterfeit solar panels are flooding the market, posing risks to consumers and installers. Major companies like M Solar Power Distribution and AWPower have issued warnings, following an alert from Canadian Solar. These fake panels, often originating from China, are difficult to distinguish from genuine products. Not only do they underperform, but they also pose safety hazards such as fire and electrocution. They also jeopardize warranty claims and insurance coverage. To tackle this issue, buyers are advised to obtain certificates of authenticity and cross-verify panel details with official vendor specifications. However, the drop in prices of genuine products due to market oversupply complicates matters, as it reduces the incentive to seek out new suppliers. Installers and consumers are urged to remain vigilant.

Next, we turn our attention to Las Vegas, where MGM Resorts is facing a “cybersecurity issue” that has led to the shutdown of slot machines and ATMs across their properties. The company released a statement apologizing for the outage and providing a list of concierge phone numbers for affected locations. This issue is not limited to Las Vegas, as MGM’s Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City and MGM Grand Detroit Casino have also been affected. The FBI is currently investigating the situation, and reports suggest that MGM Resorts may be the victim of a ransomware attack. Guests have been unable to access ATMs, purchase food, or use their digital room keys. This is certainly a concerning situation, and we hope for a swift resolution.

Moving on, we have news about Argentine soccer star Lionel Messi. He and his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, have recently purchased a stunning waterfront property in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for $10.8 million. The residence, located in the Bay Colony gated community, features eight bedrooms, 9½ baths, a three-car garage, a pool, and two docks. It is also conveniently situated near the Inter Miami soccer stadium, as Messi joined Inter Miami in July. The home, built in 1988, boasts a 27-foot-high domed ceiling, a chef’s kitchen, a home gym and spa, an entertaining lounge, a home office, and a spacious main bedroom suite. This is undoubtedly a luxurious acquisition for Messi and his family.

Now, let’s talk about Apple’s highly anticipated event on September 12, 2023. The focus of the event will primarily be on the introduction of the iPhone 15 series, which will include four models with notable upgrades such as titanium sides for the Pro models, a faster A17 chip, and USB-C ports. The Pro Max version is expected to have a significant camera upgrade, including enhanced telephoto capabilities. Additionally, Apple Watch and AirPods will receive incremental updates, with a focus on performance improvements and standardization to USB-C charging, respectively. These updates are crucial for Apple, as they account for approximately 60% of the company’s total revenue. The move to USB-C and performance-focused updates reflects Apple’s efforts to boost sales and remain competitive in the market.

Lastly, we have an intriguing archaeological discovery in South Africa. The Cape south coast ichnology project has been investigating vertebrate tracksites dating from 70,000 to 150,000 years ago. They have identified three tracksites on the Cape coast that may provide evidence of early humans wearing some form of footwear. This is significant because, until now, only four older sites in western Europe were considered as evidence of early humans wearing shoes. Although the evidence is not yet conclusive, these South African tracksites offer new insights into the possibility that early humans in southern Africa may have developed footwear. The researchers used a multidisciplinary approach, including crafting replicas of ancient footwear and analyzing modern trackways. They hypothesize that the emergence of bone tool technology could have facilitated the creation of complex clothing items like shoes, providing protection in challenging terrains.

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