Just a Moment News - 2023-09-01


Good morning, and welcome to Just a Moment News. I’m Erika, and today is September 1, 2023. Let’s dive into today’s news stories.

Our first story takes us to Johannesburg, where a recent fire has highlighted the city’s stark inequality. Hijacked and abandoned buildings have been a long-standing issue, with city officials facing challenges in dealing with the complex factors involved, such as drug abuse, poverty, and homelessness. However, there have been some successes in transforming these buildings, like the once-hijacked Cape York building, which has been refurbished into student accommodation. While it’s easy to assign blame for the tragic loss of lives, it’s important to recognize the layered nature of the problem. True leaders must focus on constructing a new reality where no one will have to face such tragedies again.

Moving on, in Cape Town, a major beach upgrade project is underway. The City of Cape Town is halfway through the Table View beach upgrade, which is set to be completed by June 2025. The project includes dune rehabilitation, walkway construction, parking area reconfiguration, and the introduction of new facilities. Despite ongoing construction, the beach will remain accessible to the public, with phased work to minimize impact. The project aims to restore and enhance the beach while preserving its natural beauty.

Next, we turn our attention to Gabon, where a military coup has taken place. Unlike recent coups in West Africa, this coup was motivated by election-related frustrations and governance issues, rather than insurgent threats. The situation in Gabon mirrors that of Guinea, where extended rule by a single family has caused public frustration. The international response to the coup has varied, with France, the African Union, and the EU condemning it but not calling for the return of the ousted president. The coup could have implications for global supplies of manganese ore and Gabon’s role in climate finance initiatives.

In entertainment news, Taylor Swift is extending the impact of her Eras Tour by releasing an official concert movie. The movie will be screened in major theater chains, including AMC Theatres, Cinemark, and Regal Cinemas. It promises to provide viewers with nearly three hours of Swift’s live performance and will be shown multiple times daily at AMC locations in the U.S. Swift expressed her excitement for the project on social media, hinting at it being a significant experience for her fans.

Shifting gears, Cape Town is investing R860 million in safety technology over the next three years. This includes equipping law enforcement officers with body cameras and in-vehicle dashcams. The aim is to increase situational awareness, evidence gathering, and public trust in law enforcement. The tech package also includes CCTV, aerial surveillance, drones, gunshot detection, and a master digital system called Epic. The city is working towards establishing a comprehensive technology-backed safety network.

Lastly, we have news from Loch Ness, where photos captured in 2018 of a “serpent”-like creature have been released, reigniting interest in the Loch Ness Monster. The photos, taken by photographer Chie Kelly, have been praised as some of the best surface images of the creature. They coincide with a recent “Quest Weekend” hosted by local enthusiasts, who continue to search for the elusive creature despite the lack of conclusive evidence.

That’s all for today’s news stories. Stay informed, stay curious, and have a great day. This is Erika from Just a Moment News, signing off.

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