Just a Moment News - 2023-08-28


Good day, and welcome to Just a Moment News. I’m Erika, and here are today’s headlines for August 28, 2023.

First up, Simone Biles has made history by becoming the first gymnast to win eight all-around titles at the U.S. Championships. At 26 years old, Biles scored a total of 118.40, leading by four points over the second-place finisher, Shilese Jones. Despite taking a two-year break after the Tokyo Olympics, Biles has shown her dominance in the sport once again. She will be competing in Antwerp in late September. Shilese Jones has also performed exceptionally well and seems poised to join Biles at the world championships. However, the rest of the U.S. team remains uncertain due to various challenges faced by contenders. [Source]

Next, Hank’s Olde Irish Pub in Cape Town is facing reputational damage following assault charges that were dropped. The charges were tied to allegations of racism, which are currently being heard in the Equality Court. The controversy began when a video went viral showing the pub denying entry to Thabiso Danca, leading to accusations of racial discrimination. Although the assault charges were withdrawn due to lack of evidence, the racism allegations remain. The situation has negatively impacted the pub’s business and has led to protests by the EFF. [Source]

Moving on to the weather, South Africa can expect fine and cool to warm temperatures today. However, there are special alerts for extremely high fire danger in the Northern Cape and parts of the Western Cape. A heatwave is also expected in the Richtersveld Municipality of the Northern Cape. The UVB Sunburn Index is high in Gauteng and moderate in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Morning fog is prevalent in multiple provinces, but no severe impact-based warnings have been issued. [Source]

In entertainment news, South African comedian Leon Schuster is currently recovering from back surgery in a Pretoria hospital. Fans have expressed concern for his health, especially following the recent death of TV legend Derek Watts. However, a close friend of Schuster has revealed that he is in high spirits and has shown support for the national rugby team, the Springboks. It’s worth noting that Schuster’s career has faced controversy due to his use of blackface in his films, resulting in the removal of six of his movies from the streaming service Showmax. [Source]

Turning to an unusual sport gaining traction, Agisanang Ramarutsi from Kagiso near Krugersdorp is spearheading the rise of slap sport, also known as “chisa mpama.” Ramarutsi hosts monthly events that attract diverse crowds, with the most recent event featuring female participants for the first time. The sport involves two fighters slapping each other across a table, with judges and a referee overseeing the match. Winners can earn between 500 and 2000 Rand. Ramarutsi aims to grow the sport to compete with established slap fighting organizations like UFC Power Slaps in Las Vegas. He is currently self-funded but open to sponsorship opportunities to further expand the sport, which he believes is therapeutic for township residents. [Source]

Lastly, Nestlé South Africa has announced the discontinuation of Nesquik chocolate and strawberry drinks due to a drop in sales and lower demand. The company will no longer produce Nesquik in South Africa, but it will continue to produce Milo, Hot Chocolate, and Cocoa drinks. Nestlé stated that these brands have shown remarkable performance and consumer loyalty, making them the focus of their efforts to build a healthier and sustainable business for the future. Consumers who enjoy Nesquik may be disappointed by this decision. [Source]

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