Just a Moment News - 2023-08-12


Good morning and welcome to Just a Moment News. I’m Erika, and here are today’s headlines for August 12, 2023.

Our first story is an exclusive report from News24 about former South African president Jacob Zuma’s release from Estcourt prison. Despite citing prison overcrowding as the reason for his release, it has been revealed that there were three open beds available at the time. The decision to release Zuma on the basis of overcrowding has sparked controversy and debate among experts and politicians. The Democratic Alliance opposes the decision, stating it was a ploy to protect Zuma from facing accountability.

In our next story, the Springboks have pulled Grant Williams back into the Rugby World Cup squad. Williams had been uncertain about making the cut after sustaining a concussion in his first start for the Boks. He admitted feeling like his last chance had passed him by, but now he has another opportunity to fulfill his Rugby World Cup dream.

Moving on to sports news, Sweden secured a spot in the Women’s World Cup semifinals after an impressive victory over Japan. Sweden’s journey in the tournament has been noteworthy, with their penalty shootout triumph over the USA being a particular highlight. Despite Japan’s late rally, they were unable to level the score, ending their hopes of another World Cup title.

In a recent incident, internet sensation Lil Tay was targeted in a hacking and death hoax. A statement was posted on her Instagram claiming that she and her brother had died, which shocked her followers. However, it was later revealed that Lil Tay’s account had been hacked, and she and her brother are alive and safe. Lil Tay clarified her real name and expressed her heartbreak over the incident.

And finally, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com Inc., has purchased a $68 million mansion in Indian Creek, Florida. This waterfront estate, known as the “Billionaire Bunker,” is the latest addition to Bezos’s extensive portfolio of global properties. Indian Creek has become a magnet for the world’s wealthiest, and Bezos’s acquisition establishes him as the richest resident of the area. This purchase also holds sentimental value for Bezos, as he completed high school in Miami.

That’s all for today’s news. Thank you for joining us on Just a Moment News. I’m Erika, and I’ll see you next time.

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